When I first went to Anni, I had been in chronic pain for years. From my lower back down my right leg and numbness in right foot. I had been to a doctor who gave an injection and recommended surgery. I would go to a chiropractor when I could tolerate it, and an acupuncturist with temporary relief. Just one session with Anni, and my back, legs and feet were free from pain, even a couple of weeks later. The combination of the stretching and massage and Anni's healing techniques is the absolute best, and I have recommended her!  I always look forward to my Thai Yoga Massage with Anni. She creates a wonderful atmosphere of relaxing comfort and combines her technical skills with her intuitive abilities. I always leave feeling more healed, refreshed and happy. She keeps expanding her abilites in Thai Yoga Massage and I love that she is so knowledgeable about the body. She always makes me feel better and gives me tips and ideas how to treat myself with stretches when she is not around. ~Christina- Store Owner- Sedona, AZ

"This was my first experience in Thai Yoga Massage and it was wonderful in every way. I enjoyed Anni's technique and easing into the amount of pressure she applied to my body; which allowed my body to fully open and receive all the healing benefits of this experience. I especailly enjoyed the organs being pressed and deep stretching in the quads and mid back. This work is very beneficial for activating a compromised immune system and real energy to flow abundantly throughout the body/bodies. Thank you many times over!" ~Cathleen-  Yoga Teacher- Sedona, AZ

"I can not thank you enough for introducing me to Thai Yoga Massage Therapy. It has helped me in so many ways! Having Lupus, MS, and Fibromyalgia, I'm always in pain. You seem to know the perfect pressure to use and spots to hit. Well, you hit EVERY spot on my body, so that may explain that. I still can't believe what a nominal fee fee you ask for in comparison to the two hours of technic you put into every massage.  You are a true healer! I usually pay twice as much for half the time and walk away in more pain than when I went into it. Oh, also you have done wonders on my digestion.  I swear.......no doctor or medicine bottle has given me the results you have. Thank you so much for being such an amazing woman. You have a very beautiful soul.  I wish you much success!  Love with all my heart."  ~Nicky-  Store Manager- Sedona, AZ

"Wow-loved the session so much! Felt my back relax and align. The abdominal massage was amazing and just what I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the arm work too. I will schedule again soon. It was wonderful, in fact it was the best Thai Yoga Massage I have ever had!"  ~Dawn-  Reflexologist- Sedona, AZ

"The session was awesome. Before we started, my pain level (sciatic-left side) was an 8+. I was seriously considering taking a muscle relaxer and pain pill. After Anni finished, I was PAIN FREE! Thank you Anni!"

~Linda-  Real Estate Broker- Bisbee, AZ

"I felt very relaxed and at ease. Anni helped with this throughout the session. She was able to stretch me further than I thought I was able, while not pushing me to the point of pain. I feel very refreshed, relaxed and limber now that the session is complete!"  ~Derek-  Corporate Executive- Phoenix, AZ

"It was a good experience for me. For me as a client, I had to gain trust about what was going to happen. I did so with Anni. She was very communicative towards me. Did not overdo and felt my problems. She has sensitive hands so I could relax more and more. Afterwards I've felt that I am better in my left hip. Something let go in there.  I am easier there now and very thankful for that. I will look up this Thai Yoga Massage in Sweden when I go back."  ~Pia-  Artist - Deje, Sweden

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